Who we are

We are a small, friendly team based in Horsham, West Sussex with decades of leading edge experience in IT and global business.

In that time we have been successful both in big business and in taking niche business ideas to market as revenue-generating, commercial ventures. Our own professional careers have been as expansive as running major banking technology services, designing financial and airline networks, building full corporate collaborative solutions for FTSE companies, defining major partnerships with vendors such as Microsoft and providing strategic technology advice to global brand names.

In turn, the extensive wealth of knowledge we have gained through hard work has allowed us to generate an extensive range of industry contacts, best practices and tool sets over the course of three decades.

Make use of our specialist skills when you need them most

We have used this experience to build our own successful specialist businesses in the fields of technology and the arts. We have been in your shoes, we have spent our own money and we know only too well what it takes to launch and to succeed. Importantly, we also know what you must avoid if you too wish to succeed.

We have already assisted numerous people in getting their business ideas successfully to market, some of which we highlight on our Successes page. Each new client has their own goals, some representing themselves as a brand, whilst others have product-driven commercial goals in local, national and international markets. Our clients are as diverse as there are ideas so one size does not fit all – this is why we have established our unique, flexible Brandbilda advisory packages.

If the media was to be believed, it would be a case of creating a point and click website in an hour, add an Instagram page and you are ready. As you may have discovered (or will discover pretty quickly), there is far more to defining a business than that. If your budget is limited you don’t have the option of getting things wrong, which is why we created Brandbilda.

Brandbilda – designed to keep your launch stress free

Due to the extensive experience we have gained, we are able to package our know-how as the Brandbilda tech services portfolio – a niche menu of expert business and technical services based directly upon our own expertise. You can pick and choose what you need us to help you with at any point in your launch cycle. We only wish Brandbilda had existed when we were launching our own businesses.

Our unique business services portfolio is designed to save you time, avoid costly mistakes and speed up the to-market process of launching a professional brand in a highly competitive national or global marketplace. Whilst you focus your valuable time where it matters – on your new concept, we focus on the tricky and often difficult technical background tasks which you will require to support your new presence in the market of choice.

These tasks may include everything from help with naming your company, to defining a domain name strategy, to generating a professional website, to establishing a solid service base of email and business tools which you will certainly need from the outset. We even offer managed services when you simply don’t have the time to look after things yourself or initially lack the technical skills to get things going. There is so much to consider which you may not yet know and which we already do. At Brandbilda we are your associates who you can trust and rely on, whenever needed.

Building a business is a lonely journey, which we know only too well. There are times when you need friendly help, advice and assistance. There is no need to sit alone and worry what to do next, when we are just a call away. What we know may be the difference between your success and failure. Drop us a line to arrange a no-commitment chat as to how we can support you on the road ahead.

Contact Brandbilda today in confidence at contact@brandbilda.com and we will arrange a convenient time for a chat. Alternatively call us on (UK) 020 7 118 1412.