What we offer

At Brandbilda we work for our clients to help them succeed. Setting up a business is very hard work. It takes long hours, vision, blind faith, good judgement, self-trust and a hard-earned budget. You may discover along the way that you are on your own in getting your business up and running. Friends may not support you, family may disown you, potential clients may not find you and you may doubt yourself frequently. Most mistakes are made early in the launch cycle. Brandbilda offers you pragmatic, clear advice and support to ensure that you avoid as many costly mistakes as possible whilst maintaining your sanity and clarity of purpose on the way to success.

We offer you an extensive portfolio of business and technical services designed to support you to market based upon everything we have learned from building our own businesses. This section describes how you can easily leverage our services to best effect, when you need us to support you and as required.

Brandbilda brand launch services
Professional technical and business advisory services for new businesses

Brandbilda is not a design agency. There are plenty of design agencies around who will simply spec and design the graphical elements you will need to represent a new brand. Such agencies do what they do very well. Brandbilda offers something entirely different to such agencies – an individual portfolio of beneficial technical and business services which you can call upon to support your presence in your market of choice when you need them. We offer both technical services and advisory, consultative packages.

Our tech services

Whether we like it or not, a modern business requires modern technology to succeed. Gone are the days of running a start up business purely using Hotmail. From the moment you go live, you are competing in an aggressive marketplace with professional competition (even if you think your idea is unique) and you must come across as a professional organisation from day one. You are going to need a range of correctly configured technology services to support your business operation, which are not always easy to set up and install. That’s where Brandbilda is your ally. We offer you:

Tech Services – A menu of Brandbilda technical services (task based jobs) to complete the difficult stuff (typically these include hosting, domain name configuration and forwarding, website installation and configuration, image manipulation, logos, graphics, video generation, content loading, Office 365 configuration, email accounts, licensing, online storage etc.).

We work quickly to complete the tasks you cannot do yourself

Should you require technical assistance in setting up a service then you are able to choose from any of the three service areas we have conveniently highlighted and from there you can then choose from the menu of individual Brandbilda technical services which specifically match your needs. Contact us at contact@brandbilda.com and we will discuss your requirements in more detail. Typically most services can be completed within as little as a few hours to a day.

Our advisory packages

Much that we would all like to know everything from a quick search of Google and asking family and friends, the reality is that setting up a successful business and then surviving requires a wide range of specific experience and knowledge. 80% of small businesses fail and that’s largely because they lacked the required knowledge to succeed. Knowing what to do, when to do it and what to avoid is where we come in which is what we have created three advisory packages so that you can benefit from what we already know. We offer you:

Advisory Packages – Three flexible Brandbilda consulting services packages (time based advisory) to support you with business knowledge you may require along the way (typically these include online presence strategy, company and product naming, trademarks, design protection, licensing, non-disclosure agreements, compliance, templates, resources, contacts etc.).

Brandbilda business advisory packages for entrepreneurs
Brandbilda advisory packages – we are here when you need our expertise

Should you require our thirty years of business knowledge, experience and know-how in launching your new business then please visit our convenient packages page and read through which of the three consulting packages may best meet your current needs. If you are seeking something in particular, we will almost certainly be able to help you, or know someone who can.

Get in touch at contact@brandbilda.com today and we will schedule a no-obligation call to discuss your requirements further. Alternatively call us on (UK) 020 7 118 1412.