Our advisory packages

Our advisory packages are time-based consulting sessions to provide advice in things that matter when launching a new brand or business. If you require our assistance to perform a technical task for you then take a look at our Tech Services section.

Establishing a new business or brand is a complex series of inter-related tasks which build steadily and inevitably towards a launch to market. Becoming visible with an idea that may have originated solely in your imagination is at the same time exciting and scary. You are putting your idea out there to be judged, criticised and potentially duplicated.

Business is a dirty game whatever the subject matter and being prepared requires diligence, dedication, staying-power, a thick skin and good advice when you require it most. The latter is where Brandbilda packages come in.

Brandbilda provides you with valuable business advice quickly

Our three advisory packages are designed to provide consultation sessions on a variety of business topics to anyone launching a brand to market. Whilst we are not lawyers, accountants or tax experts and neither do we represent ourselves as such, we do have a wealth of experience in many business subject areas you may need. If you do require experts in legal matters we can offer you our contacts and trusted resources. Remember, we have already been through the launch process more than once.

Subject areas we cover include business naming strategies; protecting your brand and intellectual property; how to set up a workable licensing or distribution model; invoicing and cashflow; on-demand resourcing; required documents; storing your digital assets; marketing strategies; b2b relationships and viable online advertising channels.

With Brandbilda advisory packages you are never on your own

More than anything what our three Brandbilda advisory packages offer you is regular, on-going support and a friendly ear when you need it. Be in no doubt, building and launching a business can be an extremely isolating experience and if you do not have a knowledgeable business partner to rely on then we offer the next best thing. After all, the only thing that matters to us is your success.

Take a look at the three advisory packages we currently offer via our website menu or get in touch and let us know what we could assist you with as we can put together a bespoke package if these do not fit your specific requirements.

Each consulting package contains a guaranteed amount of advisory time covering a range of topics which you can draw down against as you need our assistance. That way you know we are ready and waiting when it matters most.

You can contact us directly at any time at contact@brandbilda.com. Alternatively call us on (UK) 020 7 118 1412.