Our tech services

Brandbilda tech services are fixed-cost jobs to complete the tricky work (such as installing and configuring websites) that you may find you either have no time to complete yourself or lack the knowledge to complete successfully. If you require our advice and consultation from a strategic business perspective then take a look at our Advisory packages section.

There was a time when you could simply start a business in your kitchen using a free web address and sending out a few emails. Times have changed – but for the better! The technology industry now offers you the very same levels of professional-grade functionality and service as if you were already well established and 1000 employees strong. You don’t need to install and upkeep servers any more and you can scale on demand as you grow without fuss or great expense.

However, from the day you decide to go to market with your brand, you need to have a range of strategic technology services already in place, ready for use and easily managed. Not everyone who sets up a business has either the time or expertise to set up all the technology required. If the media was to be believed, you can set up a professional website in an hour. This simply is not true. If you want to be taken seriously then you need serious business technology at your finger tips.

You design whilst we handle the tricky tech stuff.

Brandbilda offers a wealth of technical services to plug the gaps or advise on those you will need to fill as you get ready to go to market. These cover everything from defining your domain name strategy (yes you will need one!) and purchasing all the relevant domain names, to selecting the correct website host, designing and building your mobile-enabled website, configuring web services, setting up multiple email accounts (yes you will need more than one!), preparing your graphics, configuring your logos, setting up your business mail, skype (now called Teams), online digital storage and numerous other tasks.

As we do this all the time and are experts in Microsoft Office 365 so it only takes us a short time to complete any work to professional levels. This saves you both time and money so that you can focus on your business launch rather than spending weeks trying to get something to work.

We will be clear as to the technical tasks required, how long they will take, the cost you will need to anticipate and budget for, any potential traps and things that would otherwise catch up out and we will recommend the very same approach to a variety of technology we use within our own companies because we know they work and are affordable.

With professional technology you will feel far more confident when launching your brand

What happens if something stops working? We can offer assistance or even a full managed service if you prefer us to make sure that everything works smoothly behind the scenes on an ongoing basis. Everyone is different in approach so we too offer a flexible solution approach to ensure you remain supported.

If you already know everything you need to set up and you know how to do it then you won’t need our help. If you don’t know everything and want to really get on with launching a successful business then do get in touch with the team at Brandbilda at contact@brandbilda.com. Alternatively call us on (UK) 020 7 118 1412.