Marketing Masterclass

Brandbilda provides a unique opportunity for new business owners with its one-on-one marketing masterclass. This is a full day spent with our leading PR and marketing guru in a room.

During this high intensity, positive session your brand and business messaging will be analysed and the output will be immediate adjustments, changes, enhancement, PR content and brand messaging realignment where advisable.

The ultimate market-readiness planning session for your business launch

During the masterclass there will be focus on a range of key elements of your business including, but not limited to:

  • Vision
  • Positioning
  • Defined market space
  • Purpose
  • Values
  • Core strategy
  • Key identifiers
  • Market differentiation
  • PR messaging
  • Home page impact statements

Each one day masterclass is a unique session run for a single business only. No two sessions are identical. You will learn more in a day than many do in a decade.

Contact Brandbilda to find out how our marketing masterclass can help you springboard your business by emailing us at