Bilda is our most popular business advisory package. Like Brandbilda Fast Start, Bilda is a unique time-based consulting service where you are able to book 30 minute sessions with us via the phone or Skype to discuss a range of business-related subjects to assist in filling knowledge gaps and assisting you in solving business issues relating to your online brand.

Brandbilda Bilda advisory package for new business and brands
Bilda – perfect for those growing or re-launching a business or brand online

Bilda offers a greater amount of advisory time and is therefore perfect for those who need a higher-degree of consulting time to discuss and strategize a wider range of subject areas. We also offer a greater level of analysis services in this package where we can provide more in-depth strategic advice in areas of interest.

Brandbilda Bilda consulting sessions generally take place within UK business hours but can occasionally be arranged for weekday evenings (Monday to Thursday) where your day time commitments prevent you scheduling a daytime session.

During sessions we also offer screen sharing to demonstrate particular scenarios or examples and for this we use Cisco web technology rather than Skype.

Additional consulting sessions (per hour) may be booked to extend the advisory package or you may upgrade to our premier advisory package level, Companion.

Get in touch with us here at Brandbilda and we can discuss your requirements informally to see if this is the right package for you.

Email us directly at to get the assistance you require. Alternatively call us at (UK) 020 7 118 1412 to discuss.